Some kind words from past clients...

Quotes My husband Kent & I weren't too sold on the whole natural childbirth thing at first. I had a friend who took a class & reading her birth story piqued my interest so we signed up. Within a couple weeks we were all hands on deck! We couldn't seem to get enough of the whole thing & we were so glad we took the class. Luckily our dreams of a natural birth went right according to plan. We had no complications & what I'd call a perfect Bradley birth. We definitely couldn't have done it without the full 12 weeks of training. There are so many of our friends who never sign up for these types of classes but say "oh yes, I'm planning to do this naturally" but without educating themselves on everything they usually end up going the medicated route or doing whatever the medical staff suggests during the delivery. That is no time to be making big decisions especially if you've not done your research beforehand. It worked great for us & we will plan on using this method again the next time around!! Quotes
Karen and Kent Moreland and Baby Cale

Quotes Speaking from experience, Lindsey Seger is a wonderful instructor, and her Bradley method course was worth much more than I paid! =) Quotes
Heidi and Matt Stratton (and baby Kaden)

Quotes Lindsey is awesome! She is a knowledgeable and compassionate teacher who holds you accountable to be prepared for your little one's arrival. We enjoyed her class and learned a ton. And now we have an almost 2 year old darling boy. :) Thank you! Quotes
Dan and Alana Rasbach

Quotes My husband and I were dissatisfied with our passive involvement in the birth of our first son. Lindsey gave us the tools we needed to be active participants in the labor and birth of our second child. She provided an education that enabled us to make the informed decisions for a birth plan that suited us. The class was fun and informative, and we could not be happier with the outcome! Quotes
Audrey, Bobby, baby Levi, and big brother Wyatt Sublett

Quotes Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Bradley class was so amazing for us. The information, the friendships, the peace of mind gained through that experience will never be forgotten. Also, thank you for inviting us back to your class to tell our story. For us, it was an opportunity to further process the whole experience. I tell everyone I know about our journey and your pivotal role. Quotes
Beth and Ivan Chester (and baby John Hollis)

Quotes We took a class offered by Vanderbilt Med. Center for our first child, so I was caught off guard when my wife suggested we take a Bradley (tm) class. Our other class was very, um, mainstream. It was general baby care 101, which is nice, but after a tough (and not ideal) birth experience, we agreed to take this one. We were Lindsey's first class, but you wouldn't know it. She was warm and inviting, making us feel comfortable and at home while talking about such personal and important topics. We felt so much better prepared for labor. The repetition and exercises made it easy to recall the methods used during a hectic and fast childbirth. Quotes
David and Maggie White (and Georgia & Nolan)

Quotes Thanks for all your hard work. We will always have you to thank for Josh and I's prepared-ness (if that is a word) and fun in learning all about pregnancy and delivery. We sure grew closer together as a couple and as new parents attending your classes. Quotes
Kristi and Josh Dragan (and baby Joseph)

Quotes Thanks again for preparing us for our birth! We had an amazing experience and could not have done it without your help/coaching! We literally did everything you told us to do and reaped the benefit of a short, relatively painless delivery. Quotes
Lindsay and Luke Trantum (and baby Harrison)

Quotes We loved the class so much! You helped us feel very informed about our entire pregnancy and birth journey, so when our unexpected trials occurred we felt better equipped to face the journey. We would have been complete messes without your class! Instead, we are a stronger couple with a beautiful little boy to treasure each day. Thank you so much! Quotes
Sabrina and Justin Pate (and baby Griffin)