Some kind words from past clients...

Quotes Words can't express how invaluable taking this birthing class on the Bradley Method was to me and Adam. The class provided essential information that has really helped prepare me for my upcoming delivery but I believe what made this class so enjoyable was my teacher Lindsey Seger. She is exceptional!!! If you are looking for a birthing class now or in the future, stop looking and go sign up for this class taught by this teacher. Thank you, Lindsey, for everything. Especially hugs...you're really good at those. Quotes
Cassie and Adam Goetzke

Quotes Any expecting momma's out there... Lindsey Seger is a fantastic Bradley method instructor! My husband and I really loved her class and learned more then we ever thought we would!! Highly recommend!! Quotes
Sierra Martin

Quotes A Bradley class is necessary if you want to have a natural childbirth, in my opinion. It makes such a huge difference to understand what's going on through each stage of labor. I couldn't recommend Lindsey as a teacher enough. This class was a blast - we made friends and laughed a lot, but most importantly, we learned a ton. Even through a really difficult labor, my husband and I were prepared and able to make decisions based on our knowledge, instead of knee-jerk reactions to a scary/unfamiliar situation. I am so grateful to Lindsey for being such an excellent teacher. I truly don't know if I would've been able to have a natural childbirth without her! Quotes

Quotes I am so glad and grateful I was Bradley Method educated by Lindsey Wilson Seger. Knowing now what i know and being prepared the way i was made absolute WORLDS (yes, plural) of difference. Quotes
Emily Edwards-Qalandarova

Quotes I keep thinking what a great class this was; your own enthusiasm and passion for the subject make you a natural teacher. I would feel so in the dark without having done this - it's easy as the husband to feel a little disconnected from the whole process of pregnancy and birth, so I appreciate how much more I understand everything now. I feel much better prepared to help. I wish this kind of education were the norm, and I hope that over time more and more people are able to make the kind of informed choices we've been prepared for. Quotes
Skylar Devos

Quotes We had a successful natural, no-interventions, vaginal birth at St. Thomas Midtown! Thank you thank you thank you. I can't say it enough. There is no way we could have done this without you and the class. Quotes

Quotes I am really glad that I was able to have the experience of a natural birth, and I couldn't have done it without the classes. We are healthy and happy!! Quotes
K.T. and Baby Adrienne

Quotes I labored for about 60 hours (including 2 1/2 sleepless nights) before he arrived. And I still managed to do it without meds or most intervention! The dr and all of the nurses were pretty amazed that I was able to do it without drugs after that long of a labor. I felt like I had rock star status the whole time I was in the hospital!! :) And of course I have to mention that Jon was the most amazing coach and there is no way on earth I could've done it without him!! Giving birth was the hardest thing I've ever done but I'm so proud of the way we were able to accomplish it. I feel like I could talk about it forever. Quotes
Becky and Jon (and Baby Jude)

Quotes Thanks to you and your Bradley method class, we were able to have the med-free birth that we wanted... the nursing staff was so intrigued that I had a small audience in the delivery room. They also kept commenting on how alert she was right after she was born. We are very thankful for everything that you have shared with us and for encouraging us throughout the whole process. :) Quotes
Lindsey and Todd (and Baby Harper)

Quotes We felt totally prepared going into our birth. The class taught us that, even though we'd be birthing in a traditional hospital, we could still be in charge of our experience. I knew that we could have informed discussions with our caregivers without feeling like we were fighting with them. The practices and exercises encourage you to discuss your priorities and really brought my husband into the process. Both he and I thought it was really nice to have that time together in a totally different context than we normally would. Lindsey's just plain awesome and you can tell that she's so, so passionate about what she does. She's extremely knowledgeable and approachable and makes it fun. We had an amazing drug free birth that resulted in the happiest, most alert baby we've ever seen! I think that even if we had ended up needing an intervention we still would have been happy with our birth experience because we'd have made informed decisions and been active participants in the process. Quotes
Catherine and Paul Middlebrooks